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Flyvholm Rescue Station

Flyvholm Rescue Station was established in 1847 and was one of the first of its kind in Denmark. There was a genuine need for it on ‘the Iron Coast’ – as the West Coast of Jutland was referred to in the pilot books. The modest building with the crossed Danish flags on a green door is located just inside the seawall between Langerhuse and Vrist. The rescue station is no longer in use, but inside the building it is possible to see the large rescue lifeboat with the long oars and other equipment. The boat was last used during an exercise in 1968. The crew from Flyvholm Rescue Station helped to rescue over 700 people from drowning, often risking their own lives in the process. Today, the small rescue stations have been made redundant by enhanced navigation methods and greater engine power, yet there is still a need for the large seagoing lifeboats in Thyborøn and Thorsminde.

There is free admission to Flyvholm Rescue Station daily from 08:00-19:00. The door is locked, but visitors can let themselves into the rescue station by entering an access code. Call +45 96 90 98 38 to receive the access code for the door.

For questions or problems, please contact:
Lemvig Museum, Tel: +45 97820025

The Iron Coast

For centuries, the North Sea was feared by seafarers. The sea was rough in stormy weather and its currents were difficult to predict. A ship could easily be swept up by a current and pushed off course. At the same time, the West Coast of Jutland was low and lacked harbours and sheltered coves. Once a ship hit difficulties, it could be broken apart on the sandbanks in no time. The West Coast of Jutland therefore came to be known as ‘the Iron Coast’. tells the story of the ships that were driven aground on the coast between Thyborøn and Hvide Sande, and of the rescuers, foreign seafarers, passengers and locals who experienced these dramatic events first hand. Read the dramatic stories of terrible shipwrecks, listen to exciting tales of heroic rescues, watch films and view images of ships and wrecks. Come along on a journey to explore the West Coast in a corner of Denmark close to the big wide world.

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